Exotic Liability
Bleeding edge and beyond.... Exotic Liability will push you into the new generation of security!

The one where we start a shiznit-storm and, oh yeah, a chat with Violet Blue....

Thanks to:

Jericho & Banasidhe for being in studio!


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Supersized episode with lots o' guests!

Merry Christmas from the EL Crew.


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- Recent events review

- DC20 and BSides LV preview

- Secret goings-on...


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-RSA events

-Liability Pad

-Book club

-BYOD nitemare

-GPS rulez

-Shady fat man

-Playground fights


-DerbyCon/Source Boston


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In this huge episode:

We're back!


Head in the clouds

RSA love vs. Team Sad Face

Got a dollah

Cyber, cyber, cyber

Juice box

Hookers and blow

SET update


Source Boston

B-Sides SF

Demerit points

Adventures in insomnia

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The story behind http://securityerrata.eu/errata/index.html


writing based on facts

the tough road of accountability

 and a whole bunch of other shit we didnt make notes of. 

oh yea. a bunch of podcasters at the end....sorry it got crazy.

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Greyscaledx rides through again and fixes our shit skype

we sewar about stuff

Why we like anon/lulz/etc

other current news

HAhah... u REALLY think we are gonna have show notes... really!?>?

InfoSec Santa is on to talk naughty

We throw Baseballs...


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- Superstar Thoughtleader Chris Eng brings some real Infosec Talent

- All the other stuff doesn't matter =)

Oh yea... Follow  @grayscaledx and thank him profusely for remixing our f'd sound. We owe him big for this one.

Now Sponsored by: Listeners who gave us enough $ to buy new gear and sound better than we did on this ep. 

Dunno if we can credit him/her/them yet but if we get permission we will.


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Rambling about con's n vegas mayhem

Bye Bye BSides

other stuffz

less content than normal... we were in recovery =) u were too.... admit it.

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VEGAS!!! BlackHat 2011, BSidesLV, and Defcon 19 schedule reviews!!! See you all at the Cons next week. ConBlackmail.com is COMING! Parties, Booze, and Puke!

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